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Ayla Ray is a group formed of Alaskan hometown friends by singer/songwriter Sam Tenhoff and bassist/producer Raven Liss. The duo have been playing together since meeting in elementary school, developing a sound over the years that leans the group heavily into rock with undertones of electronic, soul, and R&B. 

With a collaboration of artful stage props, lighting, and a high energy live performance, Ayla Ray brings a full experience to the dance floor and strives to bend genre in and out of the studio.


"Liquor Witch is a head-swaying lament that conjures up and releases repressed emotions from deep within the modern psyche with an uplifting chorus that brings light in the darkness. Bewitching storytelling."

- Music-News.com

“Liquor Witch debuted today on YouTube and it's a full of life video that had us bumping right out of our seats within 10 seconds of watching!"

- Buzz Music LA

"What you have now is a young band with musical maturity well beyond their years who promises to deliver some of the most diverse metal in your ever-growing musical collection for a long time to come."

- V13.net

"Ayla Ray released a catchy new record today and upon hearing it for the first time we were immediately hooked. Not only is this release a gem for any follower of rock releases, but because Ayla Ray is focusing more on their vocal delivery and vocal techniques to blend something new and exciting."

- Keep Walking Music